Zexton IT Solutions Sponsorship Benefits

Considering more than 650 million people on a global scale and one out of three people in the United States (130 million) visit Facebook every day, companies are craving for highly interactive, unique ways to utilize this social media networking service to get their brand in front of its amazing, ever-expanding audience.

ChartOfTheDay_870_Facebook_s_user_growth_since_2004_nZexton IT Solutions and a company’s own Brand Channel more than satisfy these cravings.

Not only do companies have an exciting new platform that allows for the broadcast of LIVE and pre-recorded video on the #1 social media networking service in the world, but they also have access to a team of cinematic experts to help produce and develop first-rate content that is guaranteed to expand a brand’s image and awareness.

As one of only a few select API developers by Facebook, Zexton IT Solutions sponsors can utilize the “fire hose” of user data available. With real-time analytics of The Audience, The Activity and The Discussions on your Brand Channel, companies can build efficient and effective marketing campaigns to target specific individuals with customized advertisements and messaging.

Essentially, Our revolutionary New Software Solution provides sponsors with:

Social Reach
  • More than 1.3 Billion user reach within Facebook
  • Most active daily destination of any social platform with more than 665 million daily active users
Multiple Video Options
  • Stream Video-on-Demand (VOD) or LIVE
  • Linear, Playlist or Master Time Line options
  • Provides multiple creative branding and viewer engagement opportunities
Interactive Second-Screen Experience
  • Embedded chat capabilities providing a highly intuitive and elegant user experience
  • Multiple chat options including Global, Friends Only, Host Specific or One-to-One Direct Contact
  • Provides increased real-time viewer engagement
Targeted Audience
  • Target audience profiles based on user actions, activity and lifestyle in real-time
  • Create optimized social advertising and reach only targeted viewers with cost-effective campaigns
Performance Analytics
  • Collect audience data on each and every broadcast
  • Real-time reporting on key metrics, including Impressions, Reach, Clicks and Unique visitors
  • Track program effectiveness, including Views, Conversions, Click-throughs, Social amplification, Online image and Overall sentiment
  • Gauge and track marketing and sales ROI
Hosted and Managed Services
  • Leverage the social environment with a high-definition, stable video player and unlimited file size capacity
  • IP-based technology eliminates use of Satellites, Cables, Dishes and Set-top Boxes
  • Apply network broadcasting and direct marketing experience to design and create effective brand channels
Monetization Opportunities
  • Build API bridges to existing E-commerce websites
  • Create sell-through opportunities with trackable coupons or affiliate codes
  • Run in-stream Video advertisements and Rotating Facebook Display Ads