Zexton IT Solutions Video Production

Zexton IT Solutions provides the ideal technology – the perfect launching pad – for companies to broadcast original video content on Facebook and watch as their brand awareness and popularity skyrocket.

It is the optimal platform for companies that have an In-house Marketing department or Video department that can produce quality, intriguing video content on a regular bases. Since it is a turn-key social marketing and sales solution, once installed, Zexton IT Solutions is ready for LIVE broadcasts and for video to be uploaded and stored for easy play.

For the majority of companies that don’t have the knowledge – or time – to make videos or produce a LIVE event, Zexton IT Solutions is also the perfect answer.

Every brand has a story. And every story is Compelling, Gripping and Intriguing in its own way. The issue is not only finding the resources to tell the story, but the resources that know how to tell it in a way that the audience understands and rallies around.

Stanley and associates not only have the reputation of being fantastic storytellers, but also of telling stories that are relevant NOW. What does that mean? It means you are not locked into a “cookie cutter” choice for video content for your Brand Channel.

You can choose from an impressive collection of developed content or have Zexton IT Solutions custom produce video to specifically meet the goals of your outreach efforts. Options include a quality designed LIVE event or product launch, a creative advertisement, or even a tailored show or web series that subtly yet successfully promotes your brand.

To review Zexton IT Solutions current library of shows please visit our website.

We look forward to working with you to create the perfect LIVE broadcast or Video-on-demand (VOD) content to further enhance the amazing social media power of your Brand Channel.