About Brand Channels

A new Innovative Online Software Solution, Zexton IT Solutions allows companies to broadcast LIVE or Prerecorded video via Facebook while at the same time obtaining exclusive access to Facebook’s complete metadata. Basically, this amazing platform turns a Facebook page into a television channel – one that allows companies to see and know exactly who is watching their content!

No other video platform, such as YouTube, gives content providers the depth of data that comes with Facebook and Zexton IT Solutions. For the first time in broadcast history, companies can capture the Names, Profiles, Discussions and Actions of the viewing audience.

This data is then used in Advertising and Marketing campaigns within the massive Facebook ecosystem – 1.3 billion users and climbing – to drive brand awareness, Loyalty and Conversion. Through complex, but efficient logarithms, not only is an ideal audience discovered for each brand, but that audience is greatly expanded upon by matching it with previously unrecognized users with similar behavioral characteristics and interests.

In addition, the patent-pending video technology provides a Multi-Engagement chat system that allows viewers to interact with one another in a variety of exciting ways. This is ideal in the case of LIVE events because viewers can share their thoughts and opinions in real-time with other Facebook users and often times with the actual participants in the LIVE event itself. 

With its quality video broadcasting functionality and amazing audience Analytics, Zexton IT Solutions is essentially the ideal social marketing and sales solution for any company.

What is Zexton IT Solutions?
  • More than 1.3 billion Facebook users can watch, share, and chat while viewing LIVE events and shows or Video on demand (VOD) content
  • Delivers an engaged, excited audience
  • The future of social marketing and advertising
Why Use Zexton IT Solutions?
  • Video is rapidly replacing copy as the most-effective online marketing tool
  • Reach more than 665 million daily Facebook users
  • Full access to the “fire hose” of user data within Facebook
  • Build promotional strategies around Facebook users’ actions, interests, demographics, and geographic information
Who is Zexton IT Solutions ?
  • The platform was developed by Zexton IT Solutions a company led by Dr. Moses Chandran
  • An approved Facebook API developer
  • A team of Media and Technology experts who provide a fully managed solution for your digital marketing and advertising objectives
  • The perfect blend of art & science when it comes to successfully reaching a wider audience with optimal campaigns and communications

Increase your company’s brand awareness and sales revenue by broadcasting premium video content on the #1 social media site in the world – Facebook! Say hello to the future!   Say hello to  !