Custom Software Development

Today's businesses require complex custom applications and customizations to operate in spite of the advances in packaged software, technologies, delivery models and configurability. Increased competition, market consolidation, increasing user expectations etc. are challenging these applications ability to scale with the business. Zexton IT Solutions creates implements, integrates, and maintains custom software applications to help support your growth and achieve your business objectives.

Most generic software applications do not have the key features necessary to address specific business problems. Zexton IT Solutions custom software development targets the precise requirements of your business and produces features with the capability to outperform many generic software applications.

Custom software development can be performed a myriad of ways. The vendor you choose needs to understand both the project end goals and the budget limitations. At Zexton IT Solutions, we scale our teams and distribute our work force to take advantage of onshore expertise, architecture and oversight while properly using global resources to control costs. From recognized authorities, to young local talent, to quality global assets, Zexton IT Solutions creates a team that matches your project challenges.

Our co-sourced delivery model comes into play in each section of the above illustration. By optimizing the project team at each step of the custom software development process, Zexton IT Solutions eliminates idle team resources, also optimizing your budget phase-by-phase. From design and development to quality assurance and project management, your team will fit your budget and timeline needs.

Once your custom software solution has been deployed, Zexton IT Solutions offers ongoing support and maintenance of each project. Whether your team doesn't have the bandwidth or technical know-how to manage your new custom software systems, Zexton IT Solutions has several support and maintenance service options