Latest technologies, quality assurance methodology and industry trends to give you professional website design, development and maintenance services which give an impetus to your organization what is needed most - a market spur.

Our technologies help you to give you a corporate look that appeals to eyes and minds of your customers. Only we are not friendly with you in terms of providing you quality services and post maintenance but our designed websites as well. When it comes to usability, we keep it simple even for complex multi interface web solutions. Intuitive navigational schemes with powered interactivity and Task-oriented workflow ensure an ecstatic user experience.

Examples of tasks carried out

  • We streamlined the ticketing and return material authorization system of one of the largest tech companies of the world.
  • We have created complex CRM systems for a telecom company.
  • XML application for IVR applications.
  • Portal for a leading internet retailer with shopping cart and back-end integration into their order entry and fulfillment systems.
  • Integration of CRM systems with CISCO call manager.